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The book 'Nazi Gold' tells the story of a nine year investigation by the authors (Ian Sayer & Douglas Botting) of how more than $2.5 billion in gold, currency and jewels hoarded by the Nazis vanished in the chaos of 1945.

A colossal theft The Guiness Book of Records calls "The greatest robbery on record." The Germans, Russians and Americans all dipped into the booty; some are still alive and enjoying it. But no one has ever been caught or tried.

The Reichsbank robbery was not a single robbery headed by a single mastermind but a series of separate incidents involving different portions of the Reichsbank gold and currency reserves between May 1945 and March 1947. It might help the reader to envisage the Reichsbank treasure as a dead whale attacked by sharks. There are big sharks and little sharks and they take big bites and little bites. They are all devouring the same carcass at about the same time but they are acting independently, not in collusion.

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The Guardian
"A riveting thriller-style account of what happened to the nazi gold hoard"

New York Times
"The Sayer-Botting archive is a fitting monument to their dedication and research. A tale worth retelling"

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