First German language edition of Nazi Gold

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October 20, 2016
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First German language edition of Nazi Gold

On the 14th May 2018 the first German language edition of Nazi Gold is scheduled to be available. (If there is any change to the date I will do my best to record the new date on this Blog page).

Although there have been several foreign translations of Nazi Gold I have had to wait 34 years from the publication of the first English language edition for a German language version! The book is being translated right now and hopefully will be available on schedule.

The German publishers are FinanzBuch Verlag of Munich and the price will be 26.99 euros. This is a hardback edition and subsequently the publishers hope to produce both a paperback  and electronic (Kindle) edition. It can be pre-ordered on now just by clicking ‘Buy now on amazon’ in the Germany -Hardback Edition which can be found in the ‘Buy Now’ section of the Nazi Gold website.

For your convenience here is a quick link to the book on