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Daily Express
"Reads like the sleazy world described in Graham Greene’s Third Man with several noughts added to the transactions"

Birmingham Post
"A major feat of detection...A remarkable story...The murky post-war world of racketeering and corruption...It is all here. They have solved the mystery as far as anyone could solve it"

The Guardian
"A riveting thriller-style account of what happened to the nazi gold hoard"

Liverpool Daily Post
"The investigators, with immense patience and meticulous attention to detail, have pieced together a story remarkable for reasons other than the fact that this was The world’s biggest robbery"

The Journal - Newcastle upon Tyne
"Without doubt the best real-life whodunnit since All the President’s Men"

Eastern Daily Express - Norwich
"This carefully-researched book...pieced together after years of painstaking research, is as gripping as any work of fiction"

The Birmingham Post
"It has been a major feat of detection. It looks as though they have solved the mystery, as far as anybody can solve it. And a remarkable story it is. This book is a remarkable detective story, a remarkable effort. If you want to delve into the murky post-war world of racketeering and corruption, where rules were brazenly disregarded, where gold bars and sacks of currency went missing and nobody knew where, it is all here."

New York Times - Book Review
"The Sayer-Botting archive is a fitting monument to their dedication and research. A tale worth retelling."

The News - Adelaide
"a potent double..book of painstakingly uncovered revelations. It is now told as completely as it will ever be. It is told in considerable detail. Having gone to years of trouble to get it, the authors are under-standably minute where detail exists. But this is a small fault in the unfolding of the great scam of all time - the sting in which the stingers win."

The New Zealand Herald
"Second World War books are never ending. Nazi Gold is one of the better ones."

The Star - S.Africa
"intelligently and profoundly researched book...fascinating research...they are presenting a carefully documented case. It makes impressive and often thrilling reading - as thrilling as some of the fiction written about the gold in adventure yarns that have earned many post-war novelists their own share of wealth."

Irish Independent
"A truly amazing story which takes your breath away."

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